Corporate Events

Sherrie has worked with the employees and top executives of many prestigious businesses. By gathering information such as the number of guests, type and style party, venue, logistics, party theme, Sherrie can offer suggestions to compliment your event and accommodate your needs.  Hosts can choose from Strolling ReadingsBanquet Style Readings, or Individual Private Readings.  

Tarot Cards, Palm Readings, Theme Readings, VIP Velvet Rope Readings


Whether you are a small firm or planning a large corporate event, Sherrie's psychic entertainment will captivate your staff and your clients generating lots of fun and intrigue at the party.   Upon request, Sherrie can design a unique Theme Reading  to compliment your business or offer more in-depth VIP Velvet Rope Readings for special guests.

Sherrie was an absolute delight.  Easy to book and super friendly.  She did readings for our department's holiday party.  Everyone seemed really happy and Sherrie was spot on.  She started with private readings here at the office for a few of us and sauntered over to the restaurant to mingle with the small crowd. She did roving readings and worked the room like a pro.  Everyone commented on how great she was.  I highly recommend her for any party.  

Christopher Petrock, Gannett


Create a memorable retail event that will attract and engage customers at your store with lots of fun and inspiration.  Sherrie can design a unique Theme Reading that will accent your product.  She has entertained with Shoe Readings at Bloomingdales, Watch Readings for Patek Philippe, Fragrance Readings for Chanel.  

Thank you so much for your work on the recent TEEN VOGUE event with Chanel Chance at Bloomingdales 59th Street.  WE were SO thrilled with your professionalism and expertise--but especially, with the response of our guests!!  I loved to see how enamored and excited the girls were with their fortune readings.  You also did an excellent job of organically tying their readings to an appropriate fragrance in the Chanel Chance family of fragrances.  Thanks again for a job well done.  We look forward to working with you again. 

Lindsay Leaf, Teen Vogue


Sherrie's psychic entertainment will bring more visitors to your booth, creating a captive audience of potential clients.   Her ability to engage visitors creates a natural entree to your sales pitch.  Give your business a larger and more memorable presence at the show with  unique Theme Readings that tie into  your product or service.  Cell Phone Readings for a mobile marketing expo, Fragrance Readings for Chanel's new fragrance launch.

“Sherrie brought life to our Conference Booth and Cocktail party, she was the main attraction and did an amazing job connecting with the attendees and keeping them entertained.  Every attendee enjoyed their readings and enjoyed being in her company.  Sherrie played a big part in making our event a success and creating an entertaining environment for the attendees.”

-- Jessica Alvarado, Marketing Manager, Voltari