Private Readings

Sherrie is a natural-born clairvoyant, clairaudient, channel, empath, and healer.  Her private readings offer clients the opportunity to focus on relationships, money, career, family, health issues, or creative blocks.  While Sherrie has worked with celebrities, CEOs, and politicians, she primarily works with everyday people from all walks of life.

Psychic Readings, Tarot Cards, Intuitive Coaching


In-Person Readings

Sherrie's midtown location makes it easy for clients to meet with her for private readings.  One of her specialties is unblocking.  If you are feeling stuck in your romantic, financial, or creative life, she can help to identify the source of your block and guide you in moving forward. 

I highly recommend working with Sherrie.  She is a powerful and nurturing psychic. Her sessions helped to dissolve big blocks in my creative career.  I have ended up booking more acting work AND have started a new business as a jewelry designer. After every session with her I feel much more grounded, connected to myself and at peace. -- Katie A.

Telephone and Skype Readings

Out of town clients and busy people on the go can take advantage of Sherrie's intuitive guidance with  telephone readings.   Her psychic gifts along with the tarot cards are just as valuable over the phone and internet.  

My reading with Sherrie was like going underground and finding gold.  -- Marilyn M.

Couples Readings

Couple Readings can provide insight, support, and guidance for relationships.  They can also be a fun, interesting and a revealing way to look into the future of the relationship.  Partners are welcome to have a joint reading or to listen in on each other's reading.

Sherrie Lynne is laid-back and personal and a lot of fun. Her readings were really insightful and helpful. Our readings were private, so she doesn't just do parties.  -- Sean H.