Kids and Teens

Kids Fortune Telling Parties create real excitement for Birthdays, Halloween, and Slumber Parties.  Their faces light up when Sherrie arrives in her colorful gypsy costume and begins pulling games out of her bag:  the magic swinging pendulum, fortune telling cards, funny rubber foot-long palms, mystical height predictor, and mysterious background music add lots of fun, and magic to every party.  

Teenagers connect easily with Sherrie, whether she is circulating around large banquet tables at a Bar Mitzvah or Sweet 16; giving one-on-one readings in your living room; or entertaining a large group with Interactive Teen Entertainment.

Birthdays & Slumber Parties

Sherrie is a pro at entertaining tweens. Her assortment of party games is greeted enthusiastically by this age group.  The birthday boy or girl can expect a special reading in front of all their friends with Sherrie's magic swinging pendulum and mysterious music.

The party was a HUGE hit!  The girls loved having their palms read, and were talking about it well afterwards.  Thank you so much for making Olivia's party a success!

Christine Udis, Birthday Mom


Halloween Parties                                                           

Halloween wouldn't be the same without Sherrie.  The kids had so much fun with her last year we are inviting her back for another party.  The adults loved her too!

Meryle Weber, Halloween Mom


Sweet 16

Sherrie was wonderful!   Rachel’s friend, Laurie tried out for the school musical based entirely on Sherrie’s recommendation.  Laurie called me herself after school, squealing with delight about how great it was and thanking me for letting her meet Sherrie, because she would never have done it otherwise.  Sherrie had a very positive influence on the girls!

--Sandy Mayerson, Sweet Sixteen Mom


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Teenagers like to listen in on each others Readings.  Sherrie can entertain them with tarot and palm readings at a fortune telling table.  For cocktail hour, Sherrie recommends Strolling Readings -- mingling among the guests with mini tarot and palm readings.   Banquet Style Readings -- going from table-to-table with group entertainment -- will give you great coverage.  


Thank you so much for coming to the suburbs to participate in Emily’s Bat Mitzvah. Her friends thought it was great! Her best friend was “freaked out” because you told her she was going to be a fashion magazine editor, exactly what she wants to be.
I also loved that my four year old walked around proudly displaying his “magic hands” fortune to all the guests. Thank you for adding such a fun element to our celebration!  

-- Melissa Weiner, Bat Mitzvah Mom